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Luggage lockers at Amsterdam Central Station

per person

You can find lockers in Central Station Amsterdam (the Amsterdam city center) where you can store your luggage. These lockers can be found in the east wing of the station, in a room that is open daily. It’s indeed handy option, but quite pricey and not suitable for everyone.


Pricing starts with 7 euros for the small locker and 10 euros for the big lockers. There is a big limitation: it is not possible to open the lockers before the appointed time (otherwise you have to pay again) and you can only reach the location if you have a valid train ticket. They don’t take cash payments and the lockers are often full, leaving visitors screaming for a better alternative.

Dimensions of the lockers at the Central Station

The available lockers come in two sizes: the small locker is 90x45x40 cm and the larger 90x60x40 cm. You place your luggage in one of the lockers and receive a ticket from the machine. Make sure to keep this ticket, otherwise a ten euro fee will be charged when you come back!

A cheaper luggage storage option?

If you are looking for cheaper luggage lockers, just use Lockerpoint at Damrak. Near the Central Station (within a four minute walk) you will find a manned and secured storage. These lockers, from €6 a day, can be opened by you anytime without additional charges, and you can receive your locker data by e-mail, if you like. In addition, it is also possible to pay in live cash or using your credit card. It is also very nice to store your luggage with a bunch of Amsterdam locals, in the famous Beurs van Berlage.

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