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Where can I find a Lockerpoint?
Lockerpoint has multiple locations. Click here for an overview of all the locations.

What are your opening hours?
The opening days and opening times vary per location. Click here and view the opening hours for each Lockerpoint location.

I know a good location for a Lockerpoint, what do I do?
Feel free to contact us, we are always looking for good locations. If your suggestion leads to a new Lockerpoint location, you will receive a reward of EUR 500!

Pre-booking baggage lockers

Can I reserve a baggage locker in advance?
Yes, you can reserve a locker in advance via our reservation page. By booking in advance, you are guaranteed that you can use a baggage locker at your desired time. You can indicate how long you want to rent the locker for (maximum 10 days) and you will receive a confirmation by email. This email also contains a unique code that you have to include at the payment terminal as soon as you want to use the baggage locker. Please always bring your confirmation email to the Lockerpoint location (through paper or online).

Can I make changes to my reservation?
You can change your reservation for free once up to 7 days before the scheduled date to use the locker. Send an email to We will process your request as soon as possible.

Can I cancel my reservation?
We would like to be notified if you will not be using the reserved baggage locker. Any payment that has already been made will be refunded as long as it exceeds EUR 8.50.

I have rented a baggage locker and want to come a little earlier, is that possible?
Yes, if baggage lockers are available, you can use a reserved one earlier than the time you booked for. The rental period will start from the moment you use the baggage locker.

I have rented a baggage locker and will be arriving a little later, is that possible?
Yes, however, the rental period starts from the time you reserved the baggage locker.

Using a locker of Lockerpoint

How can I use a baggage locker?
Upon your arrival, you have to take the following steps to be able to use your luggage locker:

1. Select the desired language
2. Indicate whether you have reserved a baggage locker in advance, received a voucher or wish to reserve a baggage locker
3. Choose a locker number
4. Indicate whether you want to receive the information from your baggage locker (safe number + code) and the payment details by email. Enter your email address if you have one. We will not use your email address for marketing purposes
5. Choose a unique PIN
6. If you rent a luggage locker on the spot, you have to pay for it immediately. We accept all debit and credit cards. Of course you can also pay contactless with us. If you have reserved a baggage locker in advance or have received a voucher, you do not have to pay, just enter your voucher code.
6. Put your luggage in the locker and make sure you close the door properly. The door light will turn red once the door is locked.

Can I access my luggage locker whenever I want?
Yes, you can open the baggage locker as often as you like. Enter the details of your baggage locker at the payment terminal and select that you want to continue using the locker. Make sure you close the door again when you leave. If the door remains open for more than 15 minutes, the locker will be available again and can be taken by a new customer.

Why do I have to pay extra on my return?
You pay us in advance for the period that you want to use the baggage locker. If you come back too late, you have to pay first before you can open the baggage locker again. Of course you can still continue to use the baggage locker for the remaining period.

I have repaid upon my return, how long can I continue using the baggage locker?
At Lockerpoint you rent a luggage locker for 24 hours. That is why you have to pay if, for example, you return after 25 hours. If you wish, you can then continue using the baggage locker for another 23 hours (24 hours minus the hour you were late the first time).

If I was only 5 minutes late, do I still have to pay extra?
Yes, we have fully automated our services and our locker management system can not make any exceptions.

Help, you are closed and my luggage is still in the locker. What now?
After closing time, your belongings cannot be taken from the baggage locker. We are happy to help you as soon as we are open again. Look here for the opening times of all Lockerpoints.

I’ll collect my luggage after 3 days, is that a problem?
If you want to use a baggage locker for more than 3 days, you must indicate this when reserving or using a baggage locker (for a maximum of 10 days). If this is not indicated in advance then Lockerpoint has the right to remove your luggage from the baggage locker on the 4th day.

My luggage has been removed from the locker, now what?
We store the removed luggage for 1 month. If the baggage does not get collected, the baggage will be destroyed. Please contact us when you want to make an appointment to collect your luggage. We charge EUR 50 administration and storage costs, in addition to the costs for renting the baggage locker.

I have different sized or special baggage (odd luggage). Can I use Lockerpoint?
If your luggage does not fit in our lockers, please contact us in advance. We offer the possibility of storing these larger items (such as a wheelchair, stroller, golf bag, musical instruments, surfing equipment) in a secure way.


I want to reserve in advance, how can I pay?
You can reserve a baggage locker in advance via our website. This reservation can be paid with iDeal (among others, Rabobank, ABN AMRO, SNS, ING), PayPal, SOFORT, Bancontact and various credit cards (eg Mastercard, Visa, American Express). You can also transfer the due amount to us in advance. The amount must be deposited in our bank account at least 7 days before your arrival.

I haven’t booked in advance, how can I pay on the spot?
Our payment facilities accept various debit cards and credit cards (eg Mastercard, Visa, American Express).

Can I also pay by cash?
No, unfortunately that is not possible. Only the storage of luggage that does not fit in a locker (odd luggage) can be paid in cash.

Can I also pay by the contactless method?
Yes, that’s possible.

Can I also get an invoice?
Yes, upon request we will send you an invoice.


How safe is my luggage at Lockerpoint?
Extremely safe! Our luggage lockers are theft proof! The vaults are in a room that is closed outside the opening hours. In addition, your luggage is in a locker to which only you know the access code. There is always a concierge during opening hours and there is 24/7 camera surveillance. We will call the police in suspicious circumstances.

What steps can I take myself to ensure my items are in a safe environment?
Make sure you pay attention to your bags, suitcases and other luggage. Do not leave them open and do not leave them unattended. Make sure you close the locker properly after you have put all your belongings in it.

Are my items insured?
Storing your luggage at Lockerpoint is very safe. Unfortunately, it is not possible to insure the risks associated with storing luggage. We, therefore, recommend that you take out travel insurance.

What do I do in case of theft?
Report it immediately. We will check the baggage lockers for signs of burglary and hand over the camera images to the police.

Other Questions

Do you have any tips on what to do in Amsterdam?
We are the true Amsterdam locals who can give you the best tips for your day out in Amsterdam. We also offer you a discount on tourist attractions in Amsterdam and we have a free map to give you upon request.

What additional facilities are available at a Lockerpoint?
Additional services can include, for example, the possibility of weighing the bags, storing special baggage or renting bicycles. The (extra) facilities differ per Lockerpoint location. Look at the desired location to see which (extra) services are offered.

What time are you open?
Our office is open from 9 am to 5 pm Monday to Friday. Click here for the opening times of all Lockerpoint locations.

How can I contact you?
For our contactdetails, please click here.