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Visitors are not allowed to carry luggage such as large bags, suitcases and backpacks to the Anne Frank House. If you need a safe place to keep your luggage, Lockerpoint is a great option. Lockerpoint has secure lockers for rental, so that you can visit the Anne Frank House without any problems.

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More information about the Anne Frank House

During the Second World War, the Frank family had to go into hiding in the secret annex of Otto’s company. In the two years that they were hidden there under stuffy conditions, daughter Anne continued to write in a diary that would in time become legendary…

In 1944, however, the people in hiding were arrested and deported. After the war, father Otto returned as the only survivor. To honor what happened there, the municipality of Amsterdam would later turn that house into the Anne Frank museum. The world-famous diary of Anne Frank and the hiding place (the Secret Annex) are the main attractions of this extraordinary museum.


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